November 28, 2023

RPGs are great for creating a unique character that you can embody while you play. Starfield is a perfect example of the different options you have in RPGs. Whether that’s customizing an in-depth character, choosing only certain dialogue options, or swearing loyalty to a certain faction, there are plenty of ways to make a character your own.

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One way you can take this further in RPGs is playstyle. Starfield is similar to playing a stealth archer in Skyrim, or a melee-focused raider in Fallout. There are several ways the game allows you to approach the problems you face, from nobly diplomatic, to incredibly violent.

9 Pirate

Starfield Crimson Fleet Pirate Holding A Pistol

The Crimson Fleet has grown from a small band to a well-known pirate group feared across the galaxy. Why not add your name to the roster? Being a pirate in space can be a lot of fun: stealing what you want, raiding into UC-controlled space, and then selling it all at less-than-reputable markets.

This playstyle allows for a lot of open-ended gameplay as far as combat and skills, but it may help to have some points in the Tech tree for ship repairs and in Intimidation for when you don’t want to get into a fight. At least you don’t have to worry about scurvy anymore.

8 Stealth Sniper

A pirate in Starfield wear a red astronaut suit firing their weapon off screen

That Skyrim classic rebranded for a new age. Stealth snipers are all about sneaking into hostile terrain and taking out the enemy as quietly or as long a range as possible. You’ll definitely need a good rifle with a mong-range scope on it first of all.

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From there, it is good to either upgrade or find armor with the chameleon ability to allow for far easier sneaking. Plus, you’ll want to put some points into Stealth, Rifle Certification, and then the following Sniper Certification. By then, your enemies won’t know what hit them.

7 Space Trucker

A ship heading toward a planet after finishing a Grav jump

It may not be a career full of glitz and glam, but space trucking can be a great way to earn some credits. The focus of this playstyle is a combination of ship piloting and bartering. Knowing this, you’ll want to focus on the Tech tree and the Social tree.

Pretty much all you’ll want to do is go out, loot anything that you think is valuable, and then haul it across the stars to sell to various merchants. You may want some combat abilities and a good weapon in case things get dicey, which they certainly will. Oh, and upgrade your ship’s cargo hold first thing.

6 Melee Only

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Character Armed With A Melee Weapon

In a game of space age weaponry, sometimes you just want to put away the laser gun and get up close and personal to whatever enemy is harassing you. Starfield makes just such a playstyle incredibly easy to build.

You’ll want to dabble in Dueling just long enough to max out the skill and then put the rest of your skill points into the Physical tree with ones like Boxing, Fitness, and Pain Tolerance. A good set of armor and your favorite melee weapon are all you need to finish out this playstyle.

5 Silver-Tongued

Starfield Intimidation Persuasion Check

Contrary to the belief of some, you don’t have to shoot your way out of every problem. If you want to limit your body count for the game, then look at going with a more social approach to problems. While you can’t do it all the time, there are quite a few interactions you can talk your way out of.

The Social skill tree will be your best friend here. This can be further boosted by keeping a stock pile of consumables like Amp and certain alcohols that will boost your speech craft. But it doesn’t hurt to have a good weapon and set of armor on standby if your first plan falls apart.

4 Explosives

Starfield, Image Of A Character Aiming A Ballistic Weapon

Sometimes, when you enter into combat, there will be a lot of enemies in a rather cramped space, which makes sense with all the space stations and such you come across. For those encounters, explosives can be your best friend. So why not make an entire playstyle surrounding it?

For this build, the main thing you’ll want is a maxed-out Demolitions skill and then as many grenades as you can carry. From there, you can boost certain skills like carry weight and damage reduction for an easier time. Don’t forget to look out for one of the rare grenade launchers in the game, too.

3 Laser-Focused

Starfield, Screenshot Of A Character Weilding A Laser Weapon

Ballistic weapons aren’t the only thing to specialize in while adventuring in Starfield. Laser weapons are plenty and easy to use. In the right hands, a laser pistol can be incredibly deadly. For this, you’ll want the aptly named Lasers skill and your favorite laser-based weapon.

From there, you can divert into pistol or rifle skills and even some skills to help you upgrade your weapons to further maximize their attributes. Armor Penetration is recommended to allow your laser beams to cut through armor like butter.

2 Team Player

Starfield, Screenshot Of Vasco Posted Outside A Ship

You definitely don’t have to travel alone. Space can be a lonely place, so it can be beneficial to have a partner to go on missions with, romantic or otherwise. There are a handful of companions, each with their own set of specialized skills, so the first step is finding one you like.

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After that, skills like Leadership and Ship Command will boost the amount of teammates you can have and the skills they bring to the table. It’s a big help having an extra set of eyes and weapons go on adventures with you, not to mention the extra carrying capacity.

1 Space Cowboy

Starfield, Screenshot Of Sam Coe Posing With His Arms Crossed

Embody your favorite Firefly or Cowboy Bebop character with this playstyle. At first thought, you’d think it would be difficult, but Starfield actually has quite a few Western influences that make this rather easy.

Ballistic weapons like the Tombstone and Lawgiver will be your main armaments, or you could even do the Old Earth Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun respectfully. Connecting with the Freestar Rangers makes all of this even easier and gives you a ship, some weapons, and outfits to complete your look.

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