November 28, 2023

When you go about your quests and missions in Starfield, you will realize that not every situation has to be handled with violence. Sometimes, a good conversation is all it’ll take to get exactly what you need.



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One way to get the upper hand in these conversation scenarios is by having high persuasion. Of course, there are ways to train and improve your persuasion as you play through the game. There are also external elements, like drinks, that can temporarily increase your persuasion. Knowing the best of these drinks and where to get them could go a long way.

10 Chunks Wines

Starfield, Split Images Of The Chunks WIne Consumable Items

The Chunks brand offers three wine options that all temporarily boost your persuasion after you ingest them. These are the Chunks Wine, the Chunks Wine Packaged, and the Cabernet Chunkignon.

All three products improve your persuasion chance by eight percent for three minutes. As a bonus, they also reduce your oxygen recovery time by 15 percent for three minutes. These wines are readily available in different bars across the Settled Systems and will cost you no more than 265 credits.

9 Drink Pack Wines

Starfield, Split Images Of The Drink Pack Wine Consumable Items

The Drink Pack wines offer two options for temporarily boosting your persuasion: white and red. These drinks can be found in many different cities, including Neon and New Atlantis.

Each drink costs 240 credits, and they will give you an additional ten percent persuasion chance for three minutes once you consume them. The brand also has several other advantageous items that boost different stats and skills.

8 Astral Lounge Special Sangria

Starfield, Screenshot Of Entertainers In The Astral Lounge

You will find the Astral Lounge Special Sangria in the Astral Lounge, located in the beautiful city of Neon on Planet Volii Alpha. The drink is valued at 380 credits.

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This beverage gives you an additional 12 percent persuasion chance for a whopping five minutes, which is major in a game of quick decisions and fine margins. Ingesting this drink will also take away 15 percent of your oxygen recovery time for five minutes. The location of this drink makes it a solid option to use during the All That Money Can Buy quest with Walter Stroud.

7 Sparkling Wine

Starfield, Scrrenshot Of The Sparkling Wine Consumable Item

The sparkling wine drink looks as elegant as it sounds. It is the most beautifully designed drink or food item you can get your hands on in Starfield, and it is valued at 265 credits.

You can find this drink at several exciting locations, including The Rock, located in the ever-exciting Akila City. The drink improves your persuasion chance by ten percent for five minutes and reduces your oxygen recovery time by 15 percent for five minutes.

6 The New Arrival

Starfield, Screenshot Of The New Arrival Consumable Item

The Chimera can be found in Viewport Tavern, located in the magnificent city of New Atlantis, where it is valued at 405 credits. This drink’s limited availability is undoubtedly a problem.

However, aside from that all-important 12 percent boost to persuasion chance for five minutes and the huge 20 percent reduction in oxygen recovery time, this drink also offers an additional six to your carry capacity for five minutes, which is a significant plus for looting.

5 The Chimera

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Chimera Consumable Item

The Chimera can be purchased for 525 credits from the Euphorika shop in Ebbside Neon City. The drink has a nice look and is among the game’s most aesthetically pleasing beverages and food items.

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Aside from the nice look, the Chimera also offers some significant effects like an additional ten percent persuasion chance, a 15 percent reduction to your oxygen recovery time, and most impressively, an added 50 damage resistance, all for three minutes.

4 Supernova

Starfield, Screenhot Of The Supernova Consumable Item

The Supernova has a great look, and you can find it served in the Viewport Tavern in New Atlantis. The drink is valued at 525 credits and offers you an additional 12 percent persuasion chance, a 25 percent reduction to your oxygen recovery time, and an additional 20 oxygen, all for five minutes.

The Supernova stands out from the rest because it is the only entry on this list that you get after completing a side quest. When you first meet Nyssa Marcano, you cannot order this drink unless you help her with the Distilling Confidence side quest. So, even if you’re not interested in the drink’s benefits, you can still get a fun side quest out of it.

3 Bayu Private Reserve

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Astral Lounge

The Bayu Private Reserve can only be found in Neon City, where it is served for 885 credits at the Astral Lounge. The limited availability is not ideal when considering the best persuasion-enhancing drinks in Starfield.

However, the Bayu Private Reserve offers the most significant increase in persuasion for the chance for the longest duration out of any drink in the Settled Systems. The drink increases your persuasion chance by 15 percent for ten minutes, which is enormous compared to other beverages. It also reduces your oxygen recovery time by 20 percent for a massive ten-minute duration.

2 The Velocity Drink Brand

Starfield, Split Images Of The Velocity Consumable Items

The Velocity drink brand has six different colored drink options that not only improve your persuasion chances but also give you the feeling of having actual options with how different each item looks from the others in terms of color.

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All six drink versions can be purchased at Madame Sauvage’s Place in Ebbside Neon on Volii Alpha for 595 credits. The fact that these drinks can only be found in one location certainly takes away from their appeal compared to more widespread options. However, aside from the extra 12 percent persuasion chance for three minutes, these drinks also offer a 25 percent reduction to your oxygen recovery for three minutes and a massive 60 damage resistance for three minutes, making you as formidable as some of the best armor.

1 The Chandra Alcoholic Drinks

Starfield, Split Images Of The Chandra Wine Consumable Items

The Chandra brand has a lot of great persuasion-boosting drinks scattered all across the star map. With eight available beverages for you to choose from, this brand offers the most options out of any drink that improves persuasion.

Not only are there so many options, but each option can be found in at least five different locations across the Settled Systems, making it the most readily available persuasion-enhancing drink in the game. All Chandra drinks offer an additional 12 percent persuasion chance for five minutes and reduce your oxygen recovery time by 15 percent.

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