November 28, 2023

Establishing a well-protected and properly equipped base in Project Zomboid is essential if you want to be on top of the situation instead of relying on the mercy of the zombie hordes. The perfect home stands out with a convenient placement, offering abundant resources and granting survivors the opportunity to raise the most impenetrable defenses.

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Always demand more from your safe house; keep developing it, and your character might soon forget that an apocalypse is happening. Knowing the most comfortable spots for a base across Knox County is vital for all newcomers. Here are the best choices available across the four spawn areas.

10 Remote House, Doe Valley

Remote House, Doe Valley

Northwest of the lake in Doe Valley is a reasonably sized and furnished house that can single-handedly guarantee a peaceful co-existence with the dead.

It is far away from any of the towns in which you can begin your adventure, but if you get a hold of a functional vehicle with enough gas, traveling to this remote location would be an excellent choice. The small village to the south has everything a survivor might need, and the nearby forest supplies unlimited fortification resources.

9 House With Farmed Land, Rosewood

House with Farmed Land, Rosewood

Picking a safe house within a populated area comes with higher risk but greater rewards. In the southern part of Rosewood, you can find an impressive property surrounded by a low fence with a large area ready for farming.

If you successfully sneak into the building and keep a low profile during those crucial first few days, a wide range of possibilities will open up. The dead might have overrun Rosewood, but the town has everything you need – from skill books and weapons to food and tools.

8 Post Office, Riverside

Post Office, Riverside

Building your home in Riverside’s Post Office could be daunting because of the many zombies that might populate the main street. However, if you make your way inside, you could greatly benefit from all sorts of priceless advantages, such as the storage area’s collection of skill books.

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A complete tour of the location will reveal bathrooms, kitchens, and even a garage big enough for three vehicles. Defending the site is also relatively easy; survivors can effortlessly reach the roof by demolishing a wall if necessary.

7 North Gas Station, Rosewood

North Gas Station, Rosewood

The gas station north of Rosewood grants its inhabitants constant access to fuel for their vehicles and generators and a direct road leading to the town.

Head over to the second floor of the building, and you will encounter all kinds of pleasant surprises — a fully-furnished kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom with a TV. Getting there might put you on a collision course with plenty of zombies, but if you enter the building successfully, there will be plenty of rewards to reap.

6 Three Northern Houses, West Point

Three North Houses, West Point

The three buildings closest to the river in the northernmost area of West Point are all excellent choices if you want to maintain a decent level of safety and get quick access to the town’s abundant loot.

The tree line is right around the corner, and the infinite water supply is behind the forest. You can quickly collect all the necessary skill books from a nearby school. The only arguable drawback of this conveniently quiet location is the distance to the gas station.

5 Small Fenced House, Muldraugh

Small Fenced House, Muldraugh

The secluded, protected by high walls house in northern Muldraugh is, fortunately, one of the locations where you can spawn at the start of the apocalypse.

Being in a town brings you perilously close to the zombies, but if you are stealthy enough, you can obtain all the town’s potential loot without attracting too much attention. An entire forest is on the other side of the fence, but you will probably have to cut it down alone because the location is too small to house two survivors.

4 Fire Station, Rosewood

Fire Station, Rosewood

Apart from marveling at the sight of the epic golden sign on the building’s entrance, surviving in Rosewood’s fire station has numerous other advantages.

Inside, you will find a water dispenser, a wide range of valuable tools, one of the most efficient protective kits in the game, and a tiny gym that will develop your character’s physical condition. A low fence conveniently surrounds the building, which, as a whole, is very difficult to invade. You can easily reach the roof to install rain collectors and additional comforts.

3 Southern Fenced House, Muldraugh

Southern Fenced House Muldraugh

The southernmost section of Muldraugh has many houses with large yards. The most suitable home stands closest to the forest, providing enough wood to build a small fortress.

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A couple of hundred meters to the east is a lake, which solves all water supply issues. You will find plenty to loot as you go deeper into the town. A rather large wall is necessary to protect this property, so stay out of the zombies’ radar until you have built it.

2 Police Station, Riverside

Police Station, Riverside

The Police Station is a location you would never want to visit in real life, and Project Zomboid’s Riverside shows you how quickly the tables can turn during the apocalypse. The building might be small but very easy to defend.

It is located close to the river on the town’s western side. Even better, Riverside’s only gas station is right across the street. Acquire a vehicle in stable condition, and you will be free to move all across the county.

1 Twiggy’s Bar, West Point

Twiggy's Bar, West Point

A dream-like blend of beauty and comfort that would appeal to any survivor, Twiggy’s Bar in the eastern vicinity of West Point has just about everything you need. Both wood material and water are close by.

You might come across a zombie army or two only a few blocks down the road, but hidden behind the tree line, the Bar itself is perfectly safe. Stretch your legs on the benches in the park in front of the building and have yourself a post-apocalyptic party with the massive quantities of alcohol stored inside.

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