November 28, 2023

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, your team composition needs a healthy balance of offense and defense. It’s fun and easy to run into matches, rely on your flashy quirks, and hope for the best. Heroes like Shoto Todoroki showcase the importance of allies who can protect others.

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Class 1-A’s shining prodigy of fire and ice is capable of providing cover with ice walls and waves of fire. Todoroki has a diverse set of skills that allow him to adapt to his team’s goals. Comprehension of all of Todoroki’s options will give you the means to assist your team in nearly every scenario.

How To Play As Todoroki

Todoroki's four-hit melee combo in the Fire Zone.

Todoroki’s Quirk Skills allow him to play both offensively and defensively. Todoroki can hit enemies hard from a distance, then move in quickly to finish the job. Use his Quirk Skills to freeze opponents in their tracks and whittle down their health with flames.

Blazing Fields Of Roaring Fire

Using Blazing Field Of Roaring Fire in a mine shaft.

Blazing Fields of Roaring Fire is a long-range flaming projectile that burns enemies. The burn effect from this attack does chip damage against an opponent’s HP regardless of an enemy’s GP. The burn effect applies to all of Todoroki’s fire-based attacks.

Roaring Fire is best used to snipe enemies, but it also works well in close combat. You can also use this ability to burn down trees by attacking the wood. Burnt trees will lose their leaves, allowing your team to spot opponents in thick forest areas.

Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall

Creating an Ice Wall to create a shield in the Aquatic Zone.

Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall is a giant wall of ice that shoots upward from the ground. This attack can be used offensively to launch enemies when it emerges from the ground. Use this shield as a means to safely restore HP or rescue downed allies.

You can also shoot flaming Quirk Skills through your ice wall. Continue attacking from behind the ice wall to give your allies behind cover enough time to recover and resume the fight.

Opponents with mobility Quirk Skills can easily scale your ice wall. Bakugo’s AP Shot can pierce through ice walls.

Ice Stalagmite

Creating a series of Ice Stalagmites in the Landslide Zone.

Ice Stalagmite sends a series of ice stalagmites forward in a straight line. These stalagmites will freeze anyone who comes into contact with them, but they only stay on the field briefly.

Activating this Quirk Skill while pushing in a direction allows you to slide around on the ice. This version of the attack is a fast mobility tool for pursuing enemies and escaping battles. You can also freeze enemies by sliding directly into them.

When sliding on ice, you leave behind ice stalagmites in the direction you travel. Slide around your opponents to ensnare them with a trail of ice stalagmites.

Scorching Flame Wave

Using Scorching Flame Wave to clear a path near the Typhoon Zone.

Scorching Flame Wave sends out a wall of fire that stretches out in a curved shape. These flames stay active for a long time and burn anyone who walks through them. The range on this attack is great for hitting multiple targets at once and inflicting burn.

Slide into battle with Ice Stalagmites and shoot a flame wave to surprise enemies. Due to their range and damage, flame waves are great for initiating combat. You can also shoot flame waves through ice walls to safely attack close opponents.

How To Unlock Todoroki

Todoroki among other rewards in the Special License.

Todoroki is the reward for reaching the third rank of the Special License. To reach rank three, you will need 90,000 experience points. EXP is obtained from playing matches and can be purchased with Hero Crystals.

Play as Todoroki for free with Rental Tickets or try him out in the training mode. You get three Rental Tickets that will be restored each day.

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