November 28, 2023

In Lords of the Fallen, boss fights are the meat of the gameplay, where everything builds up and leads players to a boss fight. Defeating most bosses in the game is imperative as they are also progression blockers, and the game’s story does not move forward until these story-related bosses are not defeated.

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One such boss in Lords of the Fallen is Scourged Sister Delyth. She may seem like an easy-to-fight boss, but she hits hard and does bleed damage on top of the physical damage. To triumph over this boss, one must understand all the attack patterns and strategies involved in defeating the Scourged Sister Delyth.

Scourged Sister Delyth Boss Attack Patterns

Scourged Sister Delyth boss fight start

Scourged Sister Delyth is a non-skippable boss that will be encountered naturally while progressing Lords of the Fallen. She uses a Flail weapon to deal physical damage and inflicts a bleed status effect that will trigger if the bar maxes out. This usually happens when players keep taking hits from the boss, letting the bleed status effect build up to peak and trigger.

First Phase

The first phase of Scourged Sister Delyth boss is accompanied by slow movement speed and a couple of weapon attacks. Getting too close to the boss will cause her to deal with two Flail weapon swing attacks. Once she has landed both swings, it opens up an easy opportunity to deal with a couple of hits on the boss.

Scourged Sister Delyth sometimes starts her phase-one combo attacks with a Kick. This mostly happens if you start dealing damage first instead of waiting for an opportunity to strike back.

Another common sight will be the charged flail weapon ground pound attack by Scourged Sister Delyth. This mainly happens while staying at medium or long range from the boss, and she tries to close the gap by landing a charged attack. Dodging this perfectly will open a decent time window to deal a fully charged attack on the boss, dealing massive damage.

Landing visceral attack on Scourged Sister Delyth

Scourged Sister Delyth will also do an uppercut Flail attack followed by a ground smash. This usually occurs while attacking the boss from behind or by sides after dodging, and she you by starting this attack pattern. The first attack is fast, so it is easy to parry it and get a chance to break her posture, opening the boss up for a visceral attack.

Finally, when Scourged Sister Delyth’s overall health bar drops about 30-40 percent, she will sometimes aggro and land a three-hit flail weapon swing attack. All three attacks are very much predictable and can be parried.

Second Phase

Scourged Sister Delyth using radiance magic to buff herself

Once Scourged Sister Delyth’s health bar drops to 50 percent or below, the boss fight will then transition into the second phase in Lords of the Fallen. One of the triggering points that gives away the triggering of phase 2 is Scourged Sister Delyth’s usage of radiance magic to buff her attacks.

Scourged Sister Delyth uses Radiance magic to buff her movement speed and attack power when her health falls at or below 50 percent health.

The basic attack patterns of the boss continue from the first phase, but they’re boosted now in the second phase. For starters, Scourged Sister Delyth starts most attacks with a quick dash that leads to one swing and another jumping ground attack.

Scourged Sister Delyth's lunge attack

The ground attack during the second phase deals massive damage. It is slow and very predictable, so an easy dodge roll will save the players from getting hit.

Scourged Sister Delyth will now do a four-hit attack using her Flail weapon when she is buffed by radiance magic. If timed right, all four swing attacks can be dodged. Alternatively, these attacks do not cover much range, so keeping a distance or a quick dodge roll away will help prevent getting hit.

Scourged Sister Delyth Boss Fight Strategy

Scourged Sister Delyth's soul sucked out during boss fight

Defeating Scourged Sister Delyth’s boss is about timing the attacks and mastering the parry or dodge mechanics. Frequent parry will lead to visceral attack opportunities, making the overall boss fight much shorter as you deal more damage.

We recommend you use the Umbral lamb and drag the Scourged Sister Delyth’s soul out at the very start of the boss fight. This will give enough time to deal three to five hits, dealing significant damage at the outset of the battle.

Using weapon buffs such as Holy Salts or Fire Salts for extra elemental damage will increase attack power, and each strike on Scourged Sister Delyth will eat more of her health. The raw physical damage will also get the job done, but since Scourged Sister Delyth is weak against Holy damage, it is better to buff your weapons with the said element.

The best strategy to stay out of harm’s way will be to land two or three quick hits while using a heavy weapon, and then maintain distance, wait for another opportunity, and repeat. Dual-wielding light weapon users can even extend the attack combo to four or six hits before retreating.

Scourged Sister Delyth has some of the slowest and most predictable swing attacks, making it easy to parry. The combo starter attacks are easier to anticipate, and parrying these should not be a problem.

If the boss is staggered, try not to waste the opportunity and always land visceral attacks to drain a chunk of her health. This will make Scourged Sister Delyth’s boss fight much easier.

Since Scourged Sister Delyth deals bleed damage, carrying Bleed Resistance Balm will help mitigate bleed buildup caused by the boss weapon. This is especially handy during the first phase of the boss fight.

Scourged Sister Delyth Boss Rewards

Scourged Sister Delyth boss defeated

Once Scourged Sister Delyth boss is defeated in Lords of the Fallen, you will get the following rewards:

  • Scourged Sister Flail
  • Scourged Sister Garb
  • Vestige Seed

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