November 28, 2023

Dragon Ball Z fans think that Super Saiyan Rose 3 Goku Black from Dragon Ball Heroes is the mystery character being teased for XenoVerse 2’s next big update.

XenoVerse 2 might be seven years old now, but that doesn’t mean Bandai Namco is giving up on it anytime soon. Just a few days ago, it announced that the game was going to be supported for at least another year, with some of the planned content including new characters, Ultra Instinct for custom fighters, a current-gen update, and even more mystery content for 2024 and possibly even beyond.

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Although most of the content coming to XenoVerse 2 in the next year was revealed by Bandai Namco a few days ago, the trailer for the update did have one big tease for fans. Towards the end of the video, a mysterious character bathed in a pink glow can be seen looking at their hand as power courses through them.

The tease is purposefully mysterious and doesn’t show enough to make it super obvious who is joining the game next, but some fans think that they’ve already figured it out. Over on Twitter, Burcol speculated that it could be Dragon Ball Heroes’ version of Goku Black, which certainly makes sense considering the pink glow that the character has.

The pink glow isn’t the only thing that points to this character being Goku Black from Dragon Ball Heroes. As pointed out by Twitter user Amy4Chie, you can just about see the outline of the character’s waistband, which looks very similar to the one that Goku Black wears in the series. That waistband is actually shared by a few of Dragon Ball Heroes characters, so it’s not definitive proof that it’s Goku Black, but it does at least point towards it being someone from that series.

Another clue to the character being Goku Black is the fact that the camera purposefully doesn’t show the character’s hair. If they really are Goku Black then showing off their hair with that pink glow would make it pretty obvious who the trailer is teasing, whether they’re in base form or Super Saiyan 3.

Although we might not be able to make out the rest of the mystery fighter’s outfit, the waistband combined with the overflowing pink aura does seem to point to it being Heroes’ version of Goku Black, which would hopefully also indicate that his Super Saiyan 3 form is also coming to the game and that it’s not just an outfit change of some kind.

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