November 28, 2023

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 players are trickshotting off of Highrise’s crane just like they did more than a decade ago in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2.

As soon as it was revealed that one of the big draws (or big examples of laziness, depending on your viewpoint) of Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer is that it’s bringing back and remastering all of the maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, we all knew that this November was going to be very nostalgic. Thanks to Modern Warfare 3’s second open beta weekend, we now know exactly how much the game is going to throw us back to the classic days of Call of Duty.

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Although the first open beta weekend was plenty nostalgic with maps like Favela, Estate, and Rust, the second open beta that’s currently ongoing is even more of a trip down memory lane thanks to its inclusion of everyone’s favourite map, Highrise. The response from Call of Duty fans on social media has clearly placed Highrise as the stand-out of both open beta weekends so far, especially with how many players are pulling off classic trickshots just like they did in 2009.

For those who don’t remember, one of the most popular things to do in the original Modern Warfare 2 was to stylishly kill people from Highrise’s crane. Whether that was a no-scope kill, a 180 or 360 shot, or a hefty chuck of a throwing knife, every COD player tried pulling off one of these tough kills at least once in their life. Well, now that Modern Warfare 3 is bringing Highrise back in full force, Call of Duty players are right back where they were 14 years ago.

Over on Twitter, Modern Warfare 3 players have been sharing some of their trickshot kills from Highrise’s crane. One of the first examples of this comes from 1337Gray, who shared of clip of himself climbing to the top of the crane and then launching himself off, spinning around at least four times before firing a no-scope shot that not only manages to kill someone, but also ends the game right there and then. Call of Duty fans, we’re back.

As awesome as that shot is, I have to give even more credit to DeanoBeano, who somehow managed to no-scope someone off of Highrise’s crane while using a recorder as a controller. Sure, there are no spins involved in this one, but it’s arguably more impressive considering the weird choice of controller that DeanoBeano is using. I’m guessing we can expect even more strange Highrise trickshots like this in the coming months.

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