November 28, 2023

The meteoric rise of the MCU has acted as a catalyst for almost anything to do with Marvel, including toys and collectibles aimed at both kids and adults. While action figures are usually pretty expensive, and limited towards collectors, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends series offers great figures for prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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The Marvel Legends series features action figures of characters from all over the Marvel universe, be it the MCU, comics, animated movies or shows, and even video games. They are particularly well detailed, articulated, and accessorized, especially when you consider how much they cost. These are only some of the best ones you can get right now.

Updated on October 16, 2023, by Vaspaan Dastoor: Not only are there countless characters in the Marvel universe, but they also have different looks, versions from different mediums, and even some from alternate universes. Hasbro is never really going to run out of characters for its Marvel Legends series of action figures. And so, we’ve updated this list with a few more great looking action figures of iconic characters.

Deadpool Marvel Legends Action Figure

Deadpool Marvel Legends Action Figure

Great to display on your fourth wall

Deadpool was one of the most popular Marvel characters even before Ryan Reynolds put on the mask for the first movie. The Merc’ with a Mouth is known for his vast arsenal of weapon and love for chimichangas, and both are included with this stunning figure. Well, it’s a taco in this case.


  • Highly detailed.
  • Numerous accessories.
  • Taco.

  • Two of the guns aren’t that great looking.

This Deadpool figure is one of the most articulated and detailed Marvel Legends offerings. Much like who it’s based on, it offers versatility in terms of accessories and posability. And, considering his fourth wall breaking abilities, you can display him almost anywhere, in any situation.

Retro Beast Marvel Legends Action Figure

Retro Beast Marvel Legends Action Figure

Brain and brawn

Beast’s main shtick is that he’s a really smart guy despite looking like a… beast. However, most action figures of that character fail to show his scientist side, until this Marvel Legends one. It comes along with a lab coat, spectacles, and some beakers to show what Dr. Henry McCoy is up to in his downtime.


  • Lab gear is a great touch.
  • Great detailing on the fur.
  • Highly posable.

Ever since Dr. Henry McCoy’s failed experiment, he’s always wanted to look like more than just a beast. It’s hard to do that when every action figure of the character only shows him growling and screaming. Thankfully, this version of the Marvel Legends line features a lab coat and equipment that helps accentuate his intellect as well.

War Machine Marvel Legends Action Figure

War Machine Marvel Legends Action Figure

When Iron Man is too busy

As cool as all the Marvel Legends War Machine action figures are, this retro version of the character is, without a doubt, the best one. Not only does it come with the iconic shoulder mounted minigun, but it also features shoulder mounted minirockets. To add to that, it comes with blast effects for both.


  • Classic look with modern aesthetic.
  • Both shoulder mounted weapons feature blast effects.
  • Great price.

Rhodey doesn’t get the love that he deserves, despite having an infinitely cooler suit than Tony. This War Machine figure, based on the character’s classic look, easily beats the rest of the War Machine action figures in the Marvel Legends line. There’s just something about shoulder mounted weaponry that’s cool. The blast FX are absolutely amazing too.

GamerVerse Spider-Man Marvel Legends Action Figure

GamerVerse Spider-Man Marvel Legends Action Figure

Into the GamerVerse

We’ve seen many iconic Spider-Man costumes over the years, and Insomniac added another one to the list with the Marvel’s Spider-Man game. As with most Spidey action figures, this one has more points of articulation than action figures of other characters, so it’s extremely posable. It also comes with a number of web-based accessories.


  • Highly posable with a large number of articulation points.
  • Great for fans of the game.
  • Features a number of web accessories.

For some reason, the people down at Hasbro have an unsaid rule about Spider-Man action figures having more points of articulation than any other characters. Well, it makes sense, considering how popular he is. With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launching soon, this would be a great addition to your collection. This will go well along with an action figure of Miles Morales and Venom.

Ghost Rider Marvel Legends Action Figure

Ghost Rider Marvel Legends Action Figure

One Hell of an action figure

It isn’t easy getting a highly detailed action figure of Ghost Rider, flaming skull and all. However, Hasbro has managed to make it work with the Marvel Legends version. Not only that, the expression looks genuinely menacing, as if it’s giving you the penance stare. The flaming chain adds that extra bit of fire to the figure.


  • Genuinely looks menacing.
  • Flaming chain look great.
  • Skulls jaw opens on a hinge.

This Ghost Rider action figure actually looks so terrifying that you’d think it’s giving you the penance stare for spending so much money on action figures. It also comes with a swappable head, but I don’t see why you’d ever want to put Johnny Blaze’s face over this cool flaming skull. There are other versions of this figure with the motorcycle as well, but the motorcycle doesn’t look all that great.

Infinity Saga Iron Man And Thanos

Infinity Saga Iron Man And Thanos Marvel Legends Set

“I am Iron Man.”

The Infinity Saga Iron Man and Thanos action figure set lets you recreate the iconic moment from Avengers Endgame, where Tony snaps Thanos and his army out of existence. It is arguably the highest point the MCU has, and will ever reach, and is immortalized by this set.


  • Recreate the most iconic MCU moment.
  • Features both characters’ weapons.
  • Thanos’ face features the effects of being snapped.

I wasn’t going to include any of the MCU variants of the Marvel Legends line, because the other ones always look better. However, immortalizing the MCU’s highest point in this one set was a stroke of genius by Hasbro, and is a must-have for any fan. This set is a great way to comemorate the MCU while it was still good, and to always remember the sacrifice that Iron Man made to save the universe.

Marvel Hasbro Legends Series Magneto


Back when the X-Men ’97 show was peak TV.

The master of magnesis himself. Magneto shares a mixed relationship with the X-Men. At first, he was the prime antagonist due to the methods he used to make mutants the dominant species on the planet, but then he started becoming more of an antihero, and later, was pretty much on the same side as the X-Men to fight bigger evils. This action figure takes us back to Magneto’s origins, as the main bad guy in the ’97 animated show.


  • Features Magneto’s classic look.
  • Detailing on helmet and suit is great.
  • Shadow around the eyes is a good touch.

X-Men fans were torn between the pacifist route taken by Professor X and Magneto’s extremist approach to giving mutants the freedom and rights that they deserve. While villain eventually sided with the good guys to fight bigger threats, this action figure is a tribute to his classic villain days, the iconic suit and helmet, and nostalgia of Saturday morning cartoons.

Marvel Legends Series Storm


A storm’s coming

Storm is one of the original members of the X-Men team. With the power to control weather, she’s one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe. However, the best part about this version of Storm is her badass mohawk and her amazing looking suit. Unlike many other action figures that end up having weird looking faces, this one is perfectly detailed and emoted.


  • Badass mohawk.
  • The face of the figure is well made.
  • Classic suit that invokes nostalgia.

Storm is one of the most underrated members of the X-Men. With the power to control the weather, she’s a lot more powerful than many of the other mutants on the roster. This version of the character features the suit which we all know from the classic animated series, as well as the absolutely badass mohawk. She surely calls in the winds to make it look so good naturally.

Iron Man (Heroes Return)

Iron Man (Heroes Return)

Heroes never die

We all know that superheroes don’t really die in the comics. When Iron Man was seemingly killed by Onslaught, he came back in the Heroes Return comic arc with a brand new suit. It’s a bit different from the traditional Iron Man suit design palette and had fans split on whether they liked it or not. If you’re one of those that did, this action figure is for you.


  • One of the few Iron Man action figures featuring the Heroes Return design.
  • Features blast FX.

In the Heroes Return comic book arc, Tony Stark returns after being killed by Onslaught. Along with rebuilding everything he worked for, Tony also built an all new Iron Man suit, with a different design sensibility than the ones we had seen so far. The suit was a revolutionary change from what fans were used to seeing, and was meant to be a sign of an all new, revitalised Iron Man.


What is the Marvel Legends largest figure?

The 32-inch Marvel Legends Galactus action figure is the largest one in the series.

What was the first Marvel Legends action figure?

Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk were the first figures launched as part of the Marvel Legends line.

What company makes Marvel Legends figures?

Marvel Legends figures are currently manufactured by Hasbro, which took over from Toy Biz.

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