November 28, 2023

Baldur’s Gate 3 has plenty of ways in which players who are creative or determined enough can ease their way past some of the game’s toughest fights. We’ve already seen people turn bosses into cats, stuff their pockets full of flowers, ambush them with a dead child, and sneak past them with invisbility. They all require a moderate amount of preparation to pull off, but not as much as Reddit user MissQueeney’s method of taking down the final boss.

Instead of using their cunning or guile, MissQueeney went for a less subtle approach, collecting every single explosive they could find throughout their Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure and denotating them in the final showdown. The result was an explosion that tanked their “monster PC’s” performance to a dismal 5fps for almost half a minute and filled the entire screen with numbers, random effects, fire, and most likely the screams of anything caught in the blast. I’d say be careful of spoilers, but you can’t actually see anything under all the fire.

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If you’re wondering how MissQueeney actually managed to do this, they actually explain in detail the replies of the Reddit post. Across the many hours it takes to get to Baldur’s Gate 3’s finale, they collected every explosive they could and place them in a separate bag in a chest back at camp. When they were ready, they prepped another bag and transferred every single one onto their person.

They then hiked all the way to the game’s final fight, somehow on foot and on their own as they were doing a solo tactical run, flying around whenever needed as they couldn’t jump or use ladders as they were massively overencumbered. After activating the fight, they strategically encompassed the boss in barrels and other explosives since dropping and placing items doesn’t waste a turn, flew to safe distance and threw a fireball at the mass barrels to begin the carnage.

MissQueeney also provides some more context in the replies just to drive home how much of a massive explosion this was. They used over 14,000 pounds of explosives – which consisted of gunpowder barrels, firewine, fireworks, molotovs, and a few poisonous items for good measure – and it lasted for so long that the explosions carried on into the victory cutscene. In short, it was a bit of a whopper.

In other Baldur’s Gate 3, a recent panel revealed that Astarion actor Neil Newbon thought that most people would murder the charming vampire upon first meeting him, and that he himself didn’t think that Astarion had a large role in the story due to his bloodsucking ways.

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